Blade 300X Repair Videos

Published: June 5, 2012
Here are the original Blade 300X Repair Videos released by Blade Helis on their official Youtube page just prior to their 300X hitting the market in June 2012.


The Blade Heli team have begun to release repair videos for their Blade 300X electric heli. The popularity of their repair videos has been proven by the popularity of the ones that they have released over the past couple of years for the Blade 400, Blade 450X and the Blade mCPX. The new videos can be viewed below or on (user: "bladehelis"). They cover all of the most common questions and pitfalls encountered by owners of the Blade 300X.

Blade 300 X Rotor Head Repair

Blade 300 X Main Gear Install

Blade 300 X Main Gear Repair