Blade 450 Repair Videos

Published: June 5, 2011
Repair and setup of the Blade 450 RC helicopter by Blade. Videos are put together by the Blade team and cover: Main Shaft, Tail Shaft, Tail Boom, Tail Belt, Spindle, and Setup.


In preparation for the release of their new Blade 450 RC helicopter, Horizon Hobby's Blade team have been hard at work on a library of videos dedicated to the topic of repairing the machine. Each video is nicely done and is a wealth of information and helpful tips on making repairs to the various main components that frequently break during those unintended landings.

Each Blade 450 video is about 7-12 minutes in length. Specific topics include: Blade 450 Tail Shaft, Blade 450 Tail Boom, Blade 450 Tail Belt, Blade 450 Spindle (feathering shaft), and Blade 450 Main Shaft.

In addition to the repair videos, the Blade team also took the time to develop a nice 12 minute show dedicated to the Mechanical setup of the Blade 450. The show lays out, in valuable detail, the process that one should go through in order to set up a Blade 450 after a crash or repair. The show details the parameters required to keep the helicopter flying the way it was designed to fly.

Horizon Hobby's Blade videos can be found on their new YouTube channel, bladehelis, where the team have been placing helpful information on all of their brand's products.

Blade 450 Tail Shaft Repair

Blade 450 Tail Boom Repair

Blade 450 Tail Belt Repair

Blade 450 Spindle Repair

Blade 450 Main Shaft Repair

Blade 450 Mechanical Setup