Blade mCP X Repair Videos

Published: June 5, 2011
Repair and setup of the Blade mCP X RC helicopter by Blade. Videos are put together by the Blade team and cover: Main Grips, Main Shaft, Servo, Tail Boom, Take Off, and Binding.


Since the release of their new and hyper-popular Blade mCP x, the Horizon Hobby Blade team have been hard at work developing support videos for their new wild child. The videos, like the ones for their new Blade 450, are all dedicated to helping the Blade mCP X modeler become acquainted with and learn to repair their new machine.  

Blade mCP X repair topics include Blade mCP X Main Grips Tutorial, Blade mCP X Main Shaft Tutorial, Blade mCP X Servo Repair, and mCP X Tail Boom Repair.  In addition to the repair collection, the Blade team have also produced a video on the popular topic of Binding the mCP X to a new Spektrum transmitter, and specifically to a non-computerized radio such as the DX5e.  Because getting a Blade mCP X off the ground for the first time can be tricky for a beginner, the team have also produced a video on that topic.

Judging from the view counts as of the writing of this post it looks like these videos have been a hit already -- less than a month old.  Each video is displayed below for convenience or you can click here to head over to the Blade YouTube channel and check them out for yourself.

Blade mCP X Main Grip Repair

Blade mCP X Main Shaft Repair

Blade mCP X Servo Repair

Blade mCP X Tail Boom Repair

Blade mCP X How To Takeoff

Blade mCP X Binding