Brushless mCPx Kit by ReadyHeli

Published: February 23, 2012 of Florida, USA announced yesterday that they will be offering a Brushless Conversion Kit for the Blade mCP x. The new kit will feature a modified main frame, Brushless Outrunner Motor, Brushless Converter, and two 300mAh Lipos.

Article of Florida have announced their newest mCPx upgrade which will be a full brushless kit for the little machine. The new ReadyHeli kit will include:

  • Modified frame
  • Brushless outrunner mCPx motor
  • Brushed-to-brushless converter
  • All necessary wiring
  • Two 300mAh 1s Lipo batteries
  • Steel tail boom

Along with the announcement the company posted an indepth, 10 minute video of a complete disassembly and installation of their new kit onto an mCPx. For anyone considering this option, the brushless mCPx tutorial will leave no question as to what is involved in making the change.

With the excellent reputation that brings to the mareket place and the $99 pricetag on the conversion kit, it looks like an excellent option for anyone who wants to make the switch without the hastle of sourcing all of the parts themselves.

For additional information about this product, check out ReadyHeli's product page or the video below.

Blade mCPx Brushless Conversion Kit