CARF Models A4 Skyhawk

Brand: CARF Models
Manufacturer: CARF Models Ltd

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  • May 18, 2011
    RC Jet - A4 Skyhawk - Turbine Power

Manufacturer's Overview

The Skyhawk is one of the great fighter jets ever built. Over 30 years in active service, in some countries they fly still even today. The only jet in the world where the prototype came out lighter than the requirement of the US Forces. A jet with a wealth of different mission capabilities, light and maneuverable, called the “Scooter” by the pilots who loved it more than any other plane.

The A4 is one of the classic jets for the model market, promising great flying characteristics. Now, why haven’t we seen many around yet? It is mainly because of the landing gear. A challenge in itself, the mains rotate 90 degree and the nose strut lengthens for take off. The steering is tricky, and the narrow track doesn’t make it a very suitable cross wind airplane.

But what takes all of these problems away is size. Size matters in case of the A4 quite a bit. A large A4, like the CARF Models one, tracks over 60 cm wide, that is more than on many large sport jets. The wheels are large, the wings are thick to fit the gear, there is enough room in the plane to carry all the equipment and the wing loading is not an issue with all the possible features and gadgets the plane can carry…

Our A4-E Skyhawk is Museum Scale, has all the features of the full scale plane including a 100% scale rotating main gear and pneumatic strut-extending nose gear. Fuselage and wing speed brake doors operate pneumaticly, the wheel brakes as well. All functions of the full scale plane can be realized.

It has a 2-part fuselage allowing to have front fuselage and wings assembled on the gear, removing and attaching the rear fuselage part with stab and fin within a minute, giving access to all pneumatic connectors and the engine. Wings have flaps, slats, speedbrakes, all operational and efficient. Thousands of hours have been invested to make it really scale, rivet-counting scale.

We have decided to give a lot of thoughts to highest prefabrication of the kit. Some details are quite complex, and we know that we would save you so much time if the critical building steps were already completed, such as:

  • complete joint between front and rear fuselage finished
  • wing dowels and bolts installed
  • stab mounting pivot installed
  • main gear doors hinged
  • gear mounts completely finished
  • all servo mounts installed

Actually, the work left for you is all about installing engine, landing gear and RC / pneumatic equipment, plus detailing work to the level you wish to go... Not to forget he paint job of your choice. This is quite a lot of work, we don’t want to be mistaken here.

Basic scale documentation is included, and in cooperation with our customers we hope to create a library of great documentations in the future.

Manufacturer's Specs

  • wingspan: 68" (1730 mm)
  • length: 106" (2680 mm)
  • weight: 40 Lbs (20 kg) dry
  • engine: 34-44 lb thrust (16-20 kg)
  • radio equipment: 10 high power digital servos (standard size)

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