CARF Models Extra 300SX 2.6m

Brand: CARF Models
Manufacturer: CARF Models Ltd

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  • Oct 17, 2011
    Carf Extra 300 2.6m Aerobatics
  • Jun 13, 2009
    CARF Models Extra 260 2.6m 35%

Manufacturer's Overview

The CARF-Models Extra 300 2.6m – probably one of our most sold items ever. Everything started with the classic 3m sized Extra 300 S design, scaled down to 2.6m to make it more affordable to a larger number of aerobatic enthusiasts without loosing much flight performance compared to the 40%. We put a lot of new input into that design, like the flat wingspar instead of a tube and changing it to the large canopy of the „300 L“ to improve the knife-edge a little bit. That totally made sense in times, where only the 100cc twins were a reasonable choice for that size of airplane.

Times have changed now – the 85cc single-cylinder engines are delivering almost the same power than a 100cc twin and are so much more affordable! And because that’s still the main reason to go with a 2.6m plane, we had to make some changes: Most modelers are running their single cylinder engines like the popular DA-85, the 3W-85 or the ZDZ Super-80 on a tuned pipe to get the same power than a 100cc twin on canisters. A common and reasonable choice, but really a problem with the old flat wing-spar to fit in the fuselage. Well, our development team at CARF-Models always stays in contact with decent pilots, who tell us about the newest trends. And so it was an easy decision to get back to the roots with a wing tube to make the new Extra 300SX 2.6m fully compatible to the 85cc singles.

We also changed the canopy to the SX-version. There are two reasons: First, it makes the airframe lighter without loosing too much side area - still keeping the knife-edge performance terrific - and second, we were just so amazed by Patty Wagstaff’s full-scale Extra, that we decided to offer her famous design in cooperation with her.

How is the flight performance ? Well, that plane doesn’t only carry the name of an Extra – like so many designs of our competitors – it also really LOOKS like an Extra. That’s why you need a little coupling (5-8 %) to make the knife-edge straight. Just set the coupling in your transmitter and forget about it. It will be always active like a part of the airplane – and you’ll don’t even know that it’s there after a while. Guaranteed. That’s the only bad thing about the low wing position. The good thing is, that it usually makes positive harriers a lot more stable, and that’s a point, where many airplanes are failing.

We don’t have to tell you, that you’ll get a most modern, state-of-the-art 3D machine with purchasing our Extra 300SX, and of course even the craziest freestyle-maneuvers can be flown with it.

And it will be a great choice for IMAC, too. Especially if you are „new in the business“ you will enjoy the low price of a 2.6m design without having significant disadvantages.

Last, but not least, the 300SX fits very well in the gap between our 2.6m Extra 260 and the 2.6m Yak 55SP, which both are featuring very extreme styles of flying: While the 260 has quite an aerodynamic shape and can get kind of fast if you push the throttle stick to the top, flying the Yak is like driving with the brakes still set. With the 300SX you are exactly in the middle of those styles. A good way to start with.

Manufacturer's Specs

  • wingspan: 102" (2600 mm)
  • length: 89" (2250 mm)
  • weight: 22 - 25.25 Lbs (10 - 11.5 kg) dry
  • engine: 75 - 100 ccm
  • radio equipment: 7-8 high power digital servos

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