CARF Models GeeBee R2

Brand: CARF Models
Manufacturer: CARF Models Ltd

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Manufacturer's Overview

The Gee Bee R2… No airplanes are more notorious, nor personify the “Golden Age of Air Racing” like the Gee Bee racers! The mere mention of a Gee Bee conjures up nicknames like "killer bee", "widow maker" and "flying coffin"… Oh, really? While this Gee Bee is definitely not for the inexperienced, it is easier to fly than you might think.

The key to success is that, unlike many other Gee Bee models which have come and gone, the CARF Gee Bee R2 is a faithful scale reproduction of the full sized aircraft. Our Gee Bee even has the same airfoil - and that is just one of the reasons why it flies so well.

It has a wide speed range with excellent slow flight characteristics and no bad habits. Like its full scale counterpart, slow this one down too much and it simply drops its nose until sufficient flying speed is regained.

You will love it while flying endless knife edge and doing what Gee Bee’s do best – going fast and turning left, followed by dizzying victory rolls! Did you ever hear the whistling of the flying wires or the howl of a big round cowl as a Gee Bee roars by? It’s enough to make your eyeballs sweat!

The CARF Gee Bee will transport you back to those marvelous days of the Bendix and Thompson Trophy races.

And one thing is guaranteed – your new CARF Gee Bee R2 will make you the star of the show everywhere it is flown!

"Gentlemen, we have a race!”

Manufacturer's Specs

  • wingspan: 93" (2370 mm)
  • length: 77" (1700 mm)
  • weight: 32 - 36 Lbs (15 - 17 kg) dry
  • engine: 80 - 150 ccm (radial 4-stroke from 125 ccm)
  • radio equipment: 1 high power digital servo + 5 min 65 N servos (for example JR 4421)

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