CARF Models Integral F3A

Brand: CARF Models
Manufacturer: CARF Models Ltd

Manufacturer's Overview

The Integral is a joint venture between Composite-ARF and ZN-Line. The plane was designed by the young French Stephane Carrier, an uprising star in the international F3A scene. Composite-ARF and ZN-Line have developed several different kit versions of it, and the Integral available from Composite-ARF is now the high end all composite version with a two-piece wing design.

The Integral’s characteristic design features are a high fuselage, large stab, quite small wings with thick trailing edges which give the plane a very locked-on feel. The Integral tracks perfectly straight, rolls perfectly straight and has great knife edge characteristics for today’s F3A patterns.

The Integral’s characteristic construction features are the world wide renowned all composites features of a Composite-ARF plane. We have managed to put all our experience of building extremely light and strong into this outstanding F3A pattern plane. Let’s take a closer look at the details:

The fuselage is a very light glass/kevlar/carbon balsa sandwich. The used balsa is hand picked and guaranteed the lightest available worldwide. A horizontal stiffener, gear mount, wing and stab tube and anti rotation pins are preinstalled and perfectly aligned in the factory. Other hardware such as firewall (depending on glow or electric application) rudder servo mount, tank mount and battery tray are included as CNC-milled parts, made from balsa or light ply depending on the needed strength.

The wings are built with lightest 45 degree weave glass cloth and Herex Sandwich. They have a carbon reinforced spar. The skin hinged ailerons allow us to build the wings lighter than with any other aileron hinging method possible. For the sake of minimum weight we have eliminated any wing or stab fillets, this allows to quickly perform incidence changes as well. Ailerons are very deep for highest efficiency and have very thick trailing edges for smooth precision. The servo mount is preinstalled very close to the root rib to keep the mass inside and reduce the inertia for perfect snaps.

The stab is quite large giving the Composite-ARF Integral its great tracking performance. Elevators are skin hinged, servo mounts are installed. Carbon stab tube and carbon anti rotation pins are installed.

The removable rudder is attached with a 2mm glass pin. All control horns are included but NOT installed, to give you the freedom of choice. The canopy frame and chin cowl are also not installed, but a variety of hardware is included to allow you to attach them with your preferred method, also depending on the power source you intend to install. A CNC-milled pipe floor and a universal nose ring design are also included.

The Integral’s two production prototypes were flown by Jean-Pierre Zardini with Hacker Electric Power well below 5 kg and by Jason Shulman with OS 200. The Composite-ARF Integral combines the huge experience of two leading aerobatic plane manufacturers with a variety of world class pilots. A winning team which also could get YOU a huge step forward. So take the step and order your Integral now!

Manufacturer's Specs

  • wingspan: 74" (1890 mm)
  • length: 78" (1990 mm)
  • weight: 10 - 11 Lbs (4.5 - 4.9 kg) dry
  • engine: 20-30 ccm or electric (Hacker C-50-XL / Plettenberg Orbit etc.)
  • radio equipment: 5 medium power digital servos

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