CARF Models MX2 2.9m

Brand: CARF Models
Manufacturer: CARF Models Ltd

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  • Oct 28, 2011
    Giant Scale CARF MX2 2.9m

Manufacturer's Overview

A new star on the aerobatic sky! Based on a Giles fuselage combined with an Extra wing the MX2 quickly became an eyecatcher at popular Air Races. Because we already had the molds of our legendary Giles G-202, the decision was easy to create probably the first giant-scale kit of a MX2 on the market.

With its compact size of 2.9m wingspan (114“), the CARF Models MX2 is just a little bit smaller than “regular” 40% airframes. And that makes it so special: Even with an old classic 150cc engine (i.e. the DA-150) on canisters and a 3-bladed prop, the power is ballistic. Good for you, if you have to fly really quiet!

But there are also other reasons to go just that little bit smaller. The MX2 has the agility of a 2.6m while flying as stable as other 3m planes! The huge ailerons are very effective and prepare our MX2 really well for these new crazy 3D-stuff as the “rolling harrier spin” and so on. This plane is a great 3D-performer, that’s for sure.

But let’s take a closer look to the MX2’s special features now:

Maybe a YAK 55 SP standing close by while working on the wing molds gave us the inspiration to add the beautiful wing and stab fillets also to our MX2. That’s the little difference, made possible through our full-composite total area vacuum sandwich technologies. The alignment of each plane is checked carefully at the factory, and the gap between wings and fuselage is nearly invisible.

The MX2 is using shortened SuperXtra wings. We didn’t readjust the aileron size after the shortening on purpose, so the MX2 features probably the biggest ailerons of all our aerobatic designs. Let it roll!

Because of the compact size and low weight, the MX2 even performs really well with a 100cc engine. It’s also the right choice if you want to use your older 120-140cc motor, looking for a new “home”... Remember to move everything to the front to avoid CG-problems in this case.

The MX2 is prepared for only 1 servo per elevator. We highly recommend JR 8711 or 8611A servos to do the job (also equivalent Futabas work well). In order to decrease the load and to avoid flutter, you should add about 20-25g of lead to each counterbalance.

As always, all the linkage horns are already glued in when you’re receiving the kit. We’re using high quality phenolic material, which is really hard to get sloppy. All our 3m planes have double horns to use ball-links, like it should be.

Regarding the fuselage, you quickly recognize its aerodynamic shape, which will allow the MX2 performing also really well when it’s a little bit “breezy”. Nevertheless, all knife-edge maneuvers are possible without trouble. The MX2 needs a little bit of coupling, but it’s only about 5-8%. Not that bad for an airframe, which really looks like the original.

The CARF Models MX2 is the perfect “3D-Monster”. We were shocked when we did a knife-edge spin the first time. It was just CRAZY. Good stuff to cheer your crowd for sure.

Talking of sequence flying and performing IMAC contests, there might be better choices in our program, but slightly. The MX2 does it really good, when you fly it not too slow and setting up the CG not too far in the back. It’s easy to beat rough wind conditions with the MX2. Let it run, like the full-scale MX2 at the Air Races!

You don’t want to participate in the battle between Extras and Yaks at your local field? Then go totally different, with your CARF-Models MX2.

Manufacturer's Specs

  • wingspan: 114" (2900 mm)
  • length: 107" (2700 mm)
  • weight: 35 - 37.5 Lbs (16 - 17 kg) dry
  • engine: 100 - 150 ccm
  • radio equipment: 9-11 high power digital servos

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