CARF Models Yak 55SP 2.1m

Brand: CARF Models
Manufacturer: CARF Models Ltd

CARF Models Yak 55SP 2.1m on YouTube

  • May 3, 2010
    Start and takeoff ... ARF YAK 55SP 2.1m

Manufacturer's Overview

There are many reasons speaking for a 50cc „every day“ plane. You want to do one flight after work ? No problem. That plane will fit in every car. You want to preserve your valuable 40% from the hard training ? Our 2.1m Yak 55SP is the perfect standby. Or maybe you are new in the aerobatic business and looking for a more affordable plane, while you don’t want do miss the advantages of a full-composite design ? Again and again, there is the answer: Our Yak 55SP 2.1m.

While we have a 2.1m Extra in our program for quite a bit, we decided to add a Yak in that affordable 50cc class to satisfy also you Yak-fans.

What are the details?

Look at the shape of the whole plane. We stretched it on purpose to give you the best flying characteristics possible in this class. Influenced by F3A and Artistic Aerobatic designs, the Yak 2.1m has a very long fuselage to track perfectly, while still having enough agility for the craziest freestyle maneuvers.

We kept the cowling and canopy very small and compact to avoid adding additional weight. Building a full-composite airframe in this size, which is lightweight enough to compete with its wooden brothers is definitely not easy, but we made it.

Of course, all popular 50cc single-cylinder engines will be a great choice for your Yak – but we recommend you especially the DA-50 because of it’s compactness and low weight. A muffler tunnel for all popular canisters (i.e. the MTW TD-75, available as accessory) forms one unit with the fuselage and improves the stiffness remarkably. If you want to go totally crazy, you can use a tuned pipe with a small modification – but even with a canister, you already got tons of power.

Well, we all know that the selection is huge in the popular 50cc class, so why decide for a more expensive and a little bit heavier full-composite kit ? The answer is easy: It’s about robustness and durability. If you are only doing 10 flights a summer, you probably won’t see the difference. But if you fly your airplane almost every day, the vibrations of the engine will kill your wooden plane quickly. Making it sloppy, look terrible, not flying straight anymore.

With your CARF-Models Yak 2.1m, you can laugh about that. There is no way to see any fatigue even after 100s of flights, if you look just a little bit at your plane from time to time. The whole full-composite structure is so stiff and strong, that it really resists the vibrations. Forever.

Manufacturer's Specs

  • wingspan: 83" (2100 mm)
  • length: 74" (1880 mm)
  • weight: 16.5 - 17.5 Lbs (7.5 - 8 kg) dry
  • engine: 50 ccm
  • radio equipment: 5 high power digital servos

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