CARF Models Yak 55SP 3.3m

Brand: CARF Models
Manufacturer: CARF Models Ltd

Manufacturer's Overview

The Yak 55SP is the perfect design for a perfect aerobatic airplane, this should no longer be a secret. The huge fuselage side area and the axial wing-position are responsible for its very neutral flying characteristics. You will be amazed how simply and straight the Yak goes through every sequence. You can get rid of any coupling – and this is a big advantage! The enormous wing area lets the Yak be extraordinary slow and helps you to do the craziest 3D-maneuvers. But not only that, the perfect wing-geometry affords awesome snap-capabilities, even at low speed. The voluminous fuselage is not only a very impressive appearance: It makes knife-edge so easy, you never thought about it. And we have one more advantage: The Yak is unbelievable slow – especially in downlines – so you will have more time to celebrate your perfect flights.

Well, we wouldn’t be Composite-ARF, if we hadn’t realized a lot of extraordinary details for such an extraordinary plane. Here we go:

We took massive carbon tubes for the landing gear, and as a matter of course we have even finished the mounts of the wheel shafts for you. The mount of the landing gear forms one unit with the engine-dome and so the forces will be absorbed where they should. You will have the maximum comfort for transportation: You have only to unlock two screws and then you can remove each leg seperately, if your car isn’t big enough.

Our Yak 55SP is convenient: It offers you the best access to the engine and the RC-equipment without using those huge canopies, which incline often bad vibrations.

All linkage horns are glued in at the factory – that saves your valuable time and money. We have completed the kit with two types of mountings: One for JR-servos and others for Futaba. So you can chose what you want and although you don’t have to create something by yourself.

You will be completely free with your engine choice. All established engines on the market will fit perfectly under the huge cowling. The engine dome forms one unit with the muffler tunnel which allows to make the fuselage a lot stiffer, but even lighter. So your canisters will be perfectly seperated from your RC-equipment and also cooled perfectly by the airstream. With a small modification even the longest tuned pipes will fit – especially Greve’s pipes will be a great choice to enable additional performance. Also the all-new DA-170 will be a winner’s choice and fits perfectly to the dome.

You want to be scale even with the engine ? No problem, our YAK 55SP is also the perfect plane for the more and more popular radial 4-stroke-engines. For example, the Moki 250cc will fit perfectly under the cowling and will be enough for powerful uplines. Watch our product video to see our Yak with the Moki 250.

What about the characteristical louvres at the cowling ? Well, if we do something, we do it right and so you will find them in the kit – already perfectly cut and painted.

Last but not least the Yak is one for sure: Big and impressive. Some other 40%-planes will look a lot smaller compared to the Yak. Be smart and use the characteristic values of the Yak to play it perfectly to the gallery – slow and powerful. The russian charm will make it unique. The enormous wing area and the lightweight construction allows you to do the craziest 3D-maneuvers. The Yak will ever be comfortable slow and that gives you more time to pilot it.

Manufacturer's Specs

  • wingspan: 131" (3300 mm)
  • length: 116" (2950 mm)
  • weight: 44 Lbs (20 kg) dry
  • engine: 150 - 220 ccm
  • radio equipment: 15 high power digital servos

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