Manufacturer: TSH Gaui Hobby

Gaui News

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Brand Overview

The Gaui brand of RC products is a line of remote control helicopters that is designed and manufactured by TSH Gaui Hobby Corp of Taiwan.  Gaui helicopters are known for excellent quality and precisely manufactured parts.  The current size offering within the brand is from the 200-size (Hurricane EP200) up to the 550-size (Gaui X5).  In addition to their current offering, the brand also includes a smaller EP100 legacy helicopter series.

In the Gaui lineup, all but the X5 are badged with the Hurricane namesake.  The Hurricane EP 200 is the smallest currently active heli that Gaui offers.  It is comparable in size to the Align Trex 250, uses 200-205mm main blades, and is powered by a 2s 7.4V LiPo battery.

Next in line is the slightly larger Hurricane EP 255 which fits into its own unique spot in the RC helicopter marketplace.  The 255 has no real equals in its class.  It is designed to have the small-ish size of the 200 but have a larger main rotor diameter than the smaller 200-class helicopters.

Rounding out the upper size limit of the Hurricane line is the 425 which is  a 500-class electric helicopter (425mm main blades).

The Gaui X5 is TSH Gaui's newest creation (thus the non-Hurricane designation).  It is a fresh design that features an overall length of 1000mm, a main rotor diameter of 1120mm, and a finished weight without battery of 1900 grams.