HobbyKing Harrier 70mm EDF Jet - 780mm

Brand: HobbyKing
Manufacturer: HexTronik Limited

Manufacturer's Overview

The Hawker Harrier was for many years, the worlds only VTOL jet fighter/strike aircraft and was designed to operate from make shift airstrips that were not vulnerable from air attack. The Sea Harrier variant found world fame during the Falklands conflict where it silenced critics with its impressive combat performance. Recently retired after 40+ years of service, now is your chance to fly this military aviation legend.

This is a large model that looks so very impressive in the air, it comes with optional fixed under-carriage but is so easy to hand launch due to its light weight and light wing loading, it can be flown almost anywhere.

This Sea Harrier flys so very well and is very easy to live with, we are talking from experience having had many, many flights with this one, an unusual subject and an impressive size that will turn heads at any flying field.

Manufacturer's Specs

  • Wingspan: 780mm
  • Length: 1250mm
  • Weight: 650g
  • Motor: 2826-2800kv Brushless Outrunner
  • EDF Unit: 70mm
  • ESC: 40A
  • Servos: 3x9g

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