HobbyKing Hawker Hunter 70mm EDF Jet w/Retracts & Flaps RAF

Brand: HobbyKing
Manufacturer: HexTronik Limited

Manufacturer's Overview

The Hawker Hunter was the UKs first swept wing fighter and was a huge success being operated by many airforces accross the world. Designed by the brilliant Sir Sydney Camm, the Hunter was certainly one of the best looking jets of its age and went on to break several records including the world speed record in 1953, another amazing record was set when 22 Hunters were looped in formation! The Hunter was still being used as a trainer right into the 1990s and has gone down in History as one of the most successful and best looking cold war era fighters.

This very scale and superbly finished ARF model comes with all alloy retracts pre-fitted. Designed to accept a 68mm fan unit, we would advise at least 4s/550w to get the best from this superb jet. This Hunter with its head turning good looks and excellent flight performance is sure to make you stand out at the flying field.

Manufacturer's Specs

  • Wingspan: 866mm
  • Length: 1157mm
  • Flying Weight: 1500g

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