New Microheli Blade mCPX Parts

Published: June 27, 2011
Upgrade CNC Aluminum mCPx parts by Microheli. Aftermarket CNC aluminum head block, aluminum and carbon fiber mCP X landing skids, and new Carbon fiber Blade mCP X main blades.


Microheli Co Ltd of Canada/Vietnam today bolstered their Blade mCPx product offering with the addition of five new products for the tiny RC helicopter by Horizon Hobby. The new group of mCP X parts will be added to what has become a very nice line-up of Microheli brand products that are dedicated to making the Blade mCP X fly better, be more durable, and give it an overall modified appearance.

Today's new parts consist of a CNC aluminum head block that can be purchased either with or without a head button. One unique feature of the new aluminum mCPx head block is the presence of a closed head link guide. The stock mCP X head link guides are open which allows the plastic head links to fly off in a crash. The Microheli closed head link guides are closed, increasing the chance that you will not lose your unbroken head links should they come off.

Also a surprise, Microheli enters the Blade mCP X main blade market with a set of carbon fiber aftermarket blades. The new mCPx blades have an airfoil shaped cross section and a non-tapered design (like the stock Horizon Hobby blades). The new blades are black with a visible carbon fiber weave and have Microheli branding in white on their trailing edges. Microheli has not yet released a weight or dimensions for the new blades.

Finally, the company has developed a very cool new set of mCPx landing skids that are built of CNC aluminum and carbon fiber sheet. The new mCP X landing gear are first truly unique designs to hit the mCPx landing gear aftermarket. The landing gear comes with a set of holes drilled in the back where Microheli's boom braces can be attached (sold separately).

The new Blade mCP X parts by Microheli are either available now or will be available by early July 2011.