Spektrum DX9

Brand: Spektrum
Manufacturer: Horizon Hobby

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Horizon Hobby's Spektrum team announced today that they have a new transmitter for the market: the Spektrum DX9. The new radio has 9 channels, as the name implies, and has the looks of their top-of-the-line DX18 model.

Here is the announcement from their Facebook page.

Introducing the Spektrum™ DX9 transmitter. The DX9 has a number of features that put this transmitter in a class of its own. Key among these are voice alerts, wireless trainer function, and the comfort and ease of programming that only Spektrum can provide. The easy to program but highly capable airware software system makes complicated setups simple and encourages people to do more with their hobby. Telemetry will become more useful and meaningful with the voice alerts in the DX9, and for a fully integrated voice feedback system Spektrum offers a full suite of advanced telemetry sensors. Visit www.SpektrumRC.com today to learn more!

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