YGE 60-Amp Gov vs Gov Store Governor Modes

Published: January 24, 2013
Quick explanation of what the two Governor modes mean and what they do on the YGE 60-Amp ESC from MSH.


In a post today on HeliFreak a Protos flyer asks a common question about MS Heli's YGE 60-Amp ESC and received a pretty concise answer which we thought would be worth posting here as a reference for the Protos 500 and Mini-Protos owners. The question is, what is the difference between standard Governor mode and Gov-Store mode on the ESC.

First a little background. The YGE 60 has a governor built into the software which essentially holds the RPM of the helicopter's head steady. It does this through control of the motor RPM (and thus controlling the main blade speed). The idea behind a governor is that the pilot can setup the governor to maintain the same head speed through his entire flight. As opposed to setting the idle-up throttle setting at 100% flat and just letting the headspeed decrease as battery voltage decays throughout the flight, in governor mode the pilot will setup a flat throttle curve at a point less than 100% (say, 75 or 80%) and then let the ESC limit the flow of voltage through the flight. So in an ideal situation the helicopter will fly the same at the end of the flight as it did in the beginning.

The YGE instructions, unfortunately, don't make it very clear just what each mode is and this might be one of the best answers we have seen on the subject.

Gov store will always return to the desired [head speed] no matter the voltage left in the pack. It is usually set by charging your pack to 4.0v per cell.

Gov will calculate your HS by percentage of [throttle curve] based on remaining charge. For example, if 70% [throttle curve] gives you a [head speed] of 2700 at 4.2v per cell(full charge) if you were to fly around and start practicing autos, every time you flip out of th, your [head speed] will be decreasing as your voltage drops.

Gov store is the preferred gov, as [head speed] remains constant and predictable.

For more info on this topic or to read more in this thread, here is the link: www.helifreak.com/showthread.php?t=492987.